The Power of Stories

We are the heroes and sheroes of our own stories. The stories we tell ourselves shape our reality. The messages create energy that can sustain us, energize us, or deplete us. Think about the good things you have done for others. Recall how you have been of service to a cause much larger than yourself. Remember the time you reached out to someone who needed a listening heart. Those stories lift us; they fill us with tonic energy, the kind that heals and soothes. Whenever there is a threat against your spirit, lean on a good story and be fortified!

What’s your story that will anchor you in a good heartspace this week?


One thought on “The Power of Stories

  1. My story, or shall I say one of my stories is that I recently sat in the quiet and spent that time with my Father. I needed to know my purpose, not my self-purpose, but His purpose for me. I know He knows me, every fiber… every fault, but still I cried out to Him about how I always took charge because being a single mother and never marrying I was accustomed to doing it all on my own. I marvelled everytime someone told me I was a strong, independent woman. But I realize that I don’t need to take charge, I shouldn’t take matters into my own hands and when it works out I pat myself on the back and when it doesn’t… well, I cry out to Him with questions. I was telling Him what I wanted and He told me “no” and that’s when I realized why some doors were not opening for me in my life. That was never His purpose for me and until I follow what He’s ordered for my steps I was not going to be fulfilled. I fell to my knees realizing that it’s been this simple; allow Him to carry the load and stop trying to be superwoman, listen to what He has for me and stop trying to make things materalize, praise Him and stop trying to find complete love in man. Ever since I been consulting Him about EVERYTHING I’ve been on this journey that’s been so pleasurable that i cannot thank Him enough. I keep hearing “be patient my child” and so I know what I am called to do will grow and surpass any expectations I could imagine. Glory to God!!!

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